Monday, February 19, 2007

“What a piece of work is man!”

Up until last evening, I was convinced that the male species’ inherent weakness is SPORTS or rather watching banally played sports on the idiot box. If you dare to question them about their insipid preferences, you are returned the favor with that look which says, ‘Woman, what’s with the malarkey? A sport is a sport!’

I recollect reading that in the context of plants; sport could refer to a naturally occurring genetic mutation. Sure enough, even with men, they do undergo mutation while watching sports; in this case it is more of brain mutation:-) In case you are wondering whom this is applicable to, you would be surprised; this holds true for patrician as well as plebeian.

Having said all this, after my non-Earth-like experience last evening, I can truly define SERENDIPITY. My friend’s and my request was accepted with alacrity when we requested the ‘men folk’ to change the TV channels; few hours of continuous sport watching is not the most pleasurable moment for most women. To quote Shakespeare, “I have no other but a woman's reason.”

To get back to the astonishing evening, the men focused on Discovery rather than their sports channels. They did not just watch it; they were freakishly involved in it as well. Be it the lion chasing and engulfing buffaloes to the shark attacks in South Africa, all of it kept them engrossed.

This unintentional observation has got me thinking; do men actually have preferences when it comes to watching television or is there anything that they do not like watching? Can a great white shark actually hold more importance than Peyton Manning’s touchdown? Was last evening an insidious effort to mess with our minds? Maybe, it was another trick in their bag to avoid conversation. On the other hand, probably the concept of serendipity does exist in a man’s TV watching world.

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I have no answers to the above, but what I do remember reading, is a famous quote by Shakespeare - “What a piece of work is man!”


opinionated said...

in my humble opinion.. women should NOT try to understand men!!! Us men, we've given up trying to understand women... women should follow suit!!!

Rishi said...

:)) Nicely put...I feel the main reason behind man's inclination towards the idiot box is to avoid an argument where he is sure to loose.I have had no preference for watching sports or the idiot box as such, but have heard friends of mine often quote this as a reason.I choose my laptop as a media to avoid arguments ;)

Veracity said...

The 3 W's most important to me:
1. Woman
2. Wealth
3. Wine
Sorry, it should be:
1. Wine
2. Wealth
3. Woman
Well, scratch Woman

My two cents said...

Dear Veracity,

Thanks for writing in. Before scratching women off your list, please read below...

Adrienne Rich:
Life on the planet is born of woman.