Monday, February 19, 2007

What if we were still one nation?

The bomb explosion on Pakistan bound Indian train, Samjhauta Express, ended up killing over 65 innocent people today. I am sure; the government in both the nations is trying to determine the group behind this deplorable act. The loss of these innocent lives breaks my heart.

Have these people for once thought how wonderful it would have been if we were still one nation? Just think for a moment; what if the partition of 1947 had not happened?

  • We would have the strongest cricket team in the world.
  • The flavor of our cuisines would have been the finest; the aromatic blends of curries & kebabs.
  • We would have more culture and history than the ancient remains of Mesopotamia.
  • Most importantly, so many people would have been alive today.

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“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.” - Mohandas Gandhi


opinionated said...

allright.. i would normally come back with another 'smart one' here.. but i guess the Indies and the Pakis might find that offensive... i wonder if people from those nations have a view on this....

Rishi said...

Okie here's the deal...everything else looks fine but there is only one condition- Pakistan joins us--but leaves behind its tendency to freqeuntly multiply--we are already exploding.