Sunday, February 25, 2007

An Oscar Retrospective

Boy, time does fly! Was it not just a year ago when Jon Stewart, one of America's top social and comic geniuses, hosted the Academy Awards? Despite Stewart being the epitome of a perfect host - smart, charismatic, and witty, the awards were a failure - ratings fell.

Even though he is a well-liked TV star, Stewart’s performance at the Oscars received mixed reviews in the press. The audience in the Kodak Theatre did not consider his performance as stellar.

In spite of being a die hard Stewart fan, I have something negative to say about him; at the awards, Stewart was an ineffective communicator and his performance was insipid. Other than a few jokes, his humor offended the star-studded audience and his comments were abhorrent and inappropriate.

Having said that, I am both exhilarated and nervous about Ellen's performance tonight. I guess we will have to wait and watch.

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From Venus said...

Ellen may yet make a convert out of you!

welsh said...

Ellen was nice, but I thought the fun in the Oscar monologues was in the politically incorrect stuff they did. Ellen didn't piss anybody off! What a waste!!

My two cents said...

Ellen's performance, at the Academy Awards last night, was remarkable. Needless to say, she is an eminent talk-show host. On one hand, her personality was au contraire to the designer garb-wearing-star-studded-audience; on the other, intriguingly enough the audience did seem to 'get' her. She definitely wasn't facetious. Her sense of humor added a different flavor to Kodak Theatre; be it her insidious effort to pass along her screenplay to Martin Scorsese to getting a picture taken with Clint Eastwood for her ‘Myspace’ page. It all felt very 'Ellen'.

I guess, sometimes it helps to be yourself and then there are other times, when that attitude backfires. After all, 'humor' is a matter of perspective. Last year's host, Jon Stewart, despite being a comic genius, failed to connect with the audience and this year, Ellen had people in splits.

welsh said...

Hello there.... Wazzup? No posts from you anymore. Did the mad chatter turn you off blogging? I hope not. I really enjoy reading your thoughts.