Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Parallel Universe

Growing up, the one thing I distinctly remember hearing is, 'after a certain age, you don't make friends. It's hard to meet like-minded people.' It is this dispiriting urban legend that forces a large population to hang on to their past - a prime cause that prohibits them from seeking newer friends or even making social acquaintances. They find it extremely arduous to break out of their cocoon. They develop a defeatist attitude towards change & new people. These people consider pursuing new friendships as a colossal waste of time. I have heard a few say, ‘they already have their set of friends. Why will they befriend me?’

I, for one, disagree with this erroneous midwife’s tale. To my delight and with god’s grace, there are enough friends I have made in the past some time, who are as important to me as the friends I grew up with. Was it hard or weird? Well, my answer would be it’s only as hard as you want it to be or see it as. Don’t forget; most humans have skepticism and cynicism attached to their personalities. We all fear newness; some people ignore it and move ahead, while few others struggle to get out of the emotional rut.

It is uncanny how you find that ‘common thread’ between people from different walks of life. The ‘commonness’ or the ability of being able to relate to, can be in terms of upbringing, values, belief system, dreams, aspirations etc. Few of my friends and I have an alarming level of ‘commonness’. A very dear friend of mine recently said, ‘you and I could be cosmic twins’.

Have you ever felt that some people you meet are a mere replica of you or an emotional clone? In fact, my amigos have made me question if a parallel universe exists. How else do you explain the remarkable similarity between two people who didn’t grow up together? How did their parents share the same ideologies? How else could you define any of it?

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Rishi said...

I totally agree with you. I had this friend of mine.We studied together for 15 years and I always thought it will be impossible for me to have a similar friend anytime in life. Recently, a year back I met another girl with whom I made friends in flat 10 days and one year from now, we share the same relationship as I did with my other friend.Donald, my new friend, and I have umpteen common things and we share such a fantastic relationship. I think friendship is more to do with your openness than having a defined set of rules for a friend.

opinionated said...

While I never thought so much about this, I have to admit you are right. AND - you got me thinking!!!!

Since we are on this topic, there is another concept called the 'Doppelganger'. This says that for every person there exists a 'ghostly double'. Normally thought to be a sinister form of the person! So, your doppelganger is just like you, but is the sinister form of you. Interesting eh?

Now, think about this. The law of mathematics says that two negatives make a positive. So, the sinister of sinister is good/normal/moral/virtuous (or any other antonym you can find for sinister), right?

SO - going by your cosmic twin concept, and interrelating it with the doppelganger concept - if you do find your cosmic twin, and you find that person to be really nice, does that mean you are sinister?!!

Anonymous said...

I think nice and sinister are a matter of perspective.

opinionated said...

Anonymous - Taking just your sentence in isolation, I'll have to admit that I agree. They certainly are a matter of perspective.

But as a single person, you can't have two different perspectives to exactly the same thing can you? (If you do, I'd call that being a hypocrite). So if you, as you, think someone is really nice. Then you, as you, (and under the assumption that you are not a hypocrite) will have to ponder whether you are sinister!

What do you say?

Jaydeep said...

If I believed in Parallel Universes, I would have to believe in Time travel :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably so it is