Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Should I have noodles or noodles?

I have to admit that the overwhelming number of responses from my near and dear ones, has encouraged me to pen down a few more words.

I am going berserk with ideas; what should I write about? I know, it could be about the love of my life - a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio, or maybe traditions I don't agree with. Better yet, a brand which has added sizzle to the market or about a rare sport, which my coterie and I, actually comprehend and diligently watch. Oh, how could I forget; I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile. My next posting could be about the new book out in the market, which is a must read or the next book signing session by a Pulitzer Prize winner.You know what this bedlam in my head reminds me of; we, as humans, completely shy away from decision making. C’mon, admit it; every now and then you pray you DIDN’T have to make a decision and if only someone else would decide for you. For instance, I hate it when restaurants have way too many options on the menu; that forces me to think. Has it ever happened to you – you walk into this fancy Italian Restaurant where the zealous maĆ®tre d’ rambles on and on about the 'specials of the day'. Honestly, he loses me in two seconds. I am so tempted to tell him that ‘Sir, you are not exactly helping. All I want is chicken & some sort of pasta in a light cream sauce; I am not fastidious. If you desire, please feel free to name it whatever you like (Didn’t Shakespeare once say, what’s in a name?) and cook it however you want. Just don’t confuse me further.’ The good-natured fellow, in his quest of excelling at his job, ends up killing several appetites.

What I am trying to figure out is if we run away from decision making because we know that good or bad, the onus is on us? Does age play a part in it? I know for sure that my four and a half year old niece knows that she wants ‘noodles’ irrespective of whether you are dining at McDonald’s or a classy French Restaurant; I have never seen her shy away from ‘decision making’. Any thoughts?

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Diana said...

Years ago, for an english class, I had to write an Ode. My poem was "Ode to Indecision". You would like it--if I only had it on this computer I would send it along.

Veracity said...

"coterie", "bedlam", "malignant 'honestitis'" -- Please help this pea-brained Plebeian understand