Sunday, February 25, 2007

What if???

Most of us humans go through life asking ourselves a very simple question – ‘what if’? Some might say that one core question shakes you up from your real world slumber, broadens your horizon, and enriches your perspective. Another school of thought might not see the need in being capricious; they go through life saying ‘it is what it is.’

Not just today, but even in the past, I have had profound discussions with my amigos about the 'what if’ factor. A simple question - If you could change that one thing in your life, what would it be? More often than not, the response has been career related.

I was surprised; the cornucopia of choices should not inhibit, but encourage people to seek out what is best for them. I have not had a single person tell me that what they do for a living today is what they would do if they could go back in time and change the clock; the luscious magic of the ‘what if’ factor works its charm.

A few dear ones shared their ‘what if’ dreams today. Without sacrificing their privacy, I would like to add just one thing - their jobs today are drastically different from their inspirational ‘what if’ factor ones. On one hand, an advertising expert regrets not having studied sociology; on the other, the tech guru duly fantasizes about being a photographer with the National Geographic. Last but not the least, a friend in the finance industry mentioned that if he could go back in time, he would be a professional football player.

As always, these confessions have piqued my interest in understanding this ‘what if’ concept. Without further adieu, let me ask on question. You do not have to divulge the answer to me; it could be your own deep dark secret, but at least be honest to yourself. Do you think it is wise to honor the ‘what if’ questions; consider them a part of your hidden desires and pursue those dreams? On the other hand, are you of the opinion that the concept is delusional and a waste if time?

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There is just one life for each of us: our own.
-- Euripedes


Veracity said...

I don't think you should live your life with "what-ifs". There are too many "what-if this" and "what-if that", that one can go crazy with at every instance in life. I believe that one should be happy and proud of what they are/have. I am of the belief that every person, given the resources they have, should make concerted ways to improve/be what they dream. It is all about having a dream of being someone/somebody and trying to be that. If you don't get there, you have the satisfaction of having tried...the final outcome should not dictate your success/failure.

Welsh said...

Hey Veracity,

That is deep man/babe. But you know what, it is only the successful people who actually make these philosophical statements. Others (like us) keep thinking about the What-ifs and wondering what-if we could have been 'there'...

I am guessing you are one of the successful ones.. So Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

What if there were no 'ifs'? Wouldn't that be cool??

Veracity said...

Dear Welsh: I think it is extremely difficult to gauge what success means to each person. It is so relative and subjective. For someone it might be status, for some money, for some family, for some having two meals a day!!! So given this understanding, I think EVERYBODY is successful to different degrees.

From Venus said...

The thing with what-ifs is that one doesn't always know 'what' the 'if' would have held in store. I always believed I'd have loved to be an architect rather than yet another cog in the corporate wheel. However, in speaking with architect friends of late, I've come to realize that the grass is not AS green on the other side (It's *almost always* greener in our very vivid imaginations!). When I hear of the travails of a not-yet-successful architect, struggling to make a name, barely pulling along, I realized that my dream had not made room for failure or other harsh realities of life. Sure life is not pefect now, but hey, it ain't that bad either. C'est la vie!

My two cents said...

Dear all,

I can see that my 'what if' seems to have aroused a lot of emotions. So, here is another twist - why not forget about the 'if'? Instead, how about carpe diem?

welsh said...

Carpe Diem? That sounds like Crappy Day! :) OK, I'll shut-up now.