Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Introducing "Perfectly Untraditional": My first, fiction novel

Some prayers go unanswered. Some carve a path and make wishes come true.

Indescribable amount of hard work, frustrations, tears, fears, smiles, heartaches, and perseverance went into turning my dream into reality.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: Perfectly Untraditional (Niyogi Books)—my first fiction novel.

I am ecstatic, delirious, and extremely humbled. I wouldn’t be holding a copy of the book in my hands had it not been for the support, encouragement, and love of many folks. A big thanks to all those people—you know who you are.

The book is available in select bookstores in India and London at this time. That said, in a few weeks, it will be seen across all of India. And if the love continues, other places too.

You can order a copy online: Flipkart (Folks in India) & Booksvista (People outside of India).

Here's the synopsis:

"New York City-based writer, Shaili Kapoor, is shocked to find out about her mother, Meena Kapoor’s death. Meena had drowned her- self in Pashan Lake in Shaili’s hometown Pune, in India. When she was younger, Shaili and her mother would often spend time at the lake, without the knowledge of her father, Suresh Kapoor and younger sister, Tanisha.

Shaili is devastated; apart from her childhood friend Supriya, her mother was the only connection she had with India or her past over the past fifteen years. Even as a young adult, Shaili had estranged relations with her old-fashioned, alcoholic father, but when he found out about Shaili’s divorce and about the new love in her life, he was livid. Both he and Tanisha ostracized her. But Shaili was always astonished at how accepting her mother was of her decision.

Between the time Shaili finds out about her mother’s death and reaches India for the last rites, she discovers a deep secret about the mother she worshipped and the father she grew up to loathe. Nothing is as it seems. Shaili knows the time has come for her to make peace with her father.

Will Shaili find peace in knowing the mystique behind every occurence associated with Pashan Lake and the reason for her mother’s suicide? More importantly, will Shaili and her father ever accept each other’s personal choices? Perfectly Untraditional unravels unconventional and untold tales of families, friendships, love, loyalty, relationships, and tradition."

Advance praise for Perfectly Untraditional

A powerful, riveting, perfectly unique exploration of the tangle of relationships that is the modern Indian family.”

-Swati Kaushal, bestselling author of Piece of Cake and A Girl Like Me

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Grab a copy. Spread the word. Show some love.

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