Friday, March 30, 2007

The world of cricket widows

My friends and family have been reiterating that I need to write a comprehensibly articulated humorous piece - enough with the brain-ticklers and thought-provokers. Well folks, here is attempt at a ‘funny piece’- not fall- of- the- futon – while- giggling- funny, but funny with a tinge of irony in it.

Until two weeks ago, almost every Indian woman had lost her husband, father, brother, boyfriend to cricket. The World Cup fever had consumed the nation with the same intensity as had plague, in the past. The cricketers were placed on a pedestal and worshipped to. After all, in India, ‘cricketliness in many ways is next to godliness’.

Call it my abominable sense of humor, but I crack up at the thought of the ‘depression wave’ that has swept across the Indian diaspora and desis in India. Thanks to the Indian cricket team’s abysmal performance at the World Cup, despair has hit Indians worldwide in a capricious sort of way. The current emotional status of most Indian men is ambiguous and borderline unpleasant. The same cricket-loving nation is now burning effigies of the Indian team and sending ludicrous text messages.

What baffles me is the team’s perceived indifference and repugnant behavior; they have exhibited no sign of remorse. I personally think their attitude is deplorable. They are content with the moolah they make from endorsements in any case. I am sure you have aware that Total Multimedia Limited and Virgin Comics are creating a new comic book and animation character based on superstar cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar.

Maybe I don’t understand the love, devotion, and faith most Indians put in the Indian cricket team. One thing I do understand and believe is that it’s time we stopped treating them like the almighty.

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"I never play cricket. It requires one to assume such indecent postures" - Oscar Wilde


Rishi said...

That was nice....I used to be a cricket fan until I made friends with some bookies :) Now I truly believe that cricket is an undignified way of illegal investment!

s said...

i have never been a cricket freak and i've always considered it a much hyped-up sport. but surely, the cricket association should be given a pat to have done a good marketing job for it.

Anonymous said...

indian team sucked! losers!!!!!

bcs said...

I still believe that no sportsman worth his/her name would ever ever ever enjoy losing a game. And Indian or for that matter Pakistani cricketers are no different. Why do we not accept for once that in that particular moment our opponents played better--and give them the credit they deserve.

a said...

indian cricket team should be banned from this planet.

Mayank said...

3 things we need to do away with our obsession...

1.Cricketers... Not Cricket!!

2.Politicians... Not Politics!!

3.Film Stars... Not Films!!

...and I'm sure we'd be doing better as a nation!!

v said...

Indian team should sell vegetables after their awful performance.