Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New York Minute or a Personality Type?

The one question people ask me most often is, ‘How do you manage it all’? For those of you wondering what the equivocal statement is about, here it goes – the circuitous words are a pericope of my over-committed life. In fact, many people I know have equally importunate lifestyles, where they successfully juggle several roles.

To give you a brief overview, this is what my last week was between Monday and Friday: work, school, two delightful dinners with friends, and drinks with two other friends on separate evenings. In addition, I went for a book reading session, a ‘girls’ night-out promotion’ at one of my favorite stores, and the ‘literary fest’ – monthly meeting of my book club. You know what, the list seems long, but I cannot fathom spending my week in a nicer way; to me, this was euphoria.

It is interesting because others find it hard to digest that I actually seek pleasure from multi-tasking. The ones, who share the same belief system as mine, could not agree more; but the ones who aspire for a more decadent or opulent life, cannot stop questioning it.The other day over dinner, a friend of mine said something simple yet important. “In NYC, if you do not do 15 things, you are a slacker.” People do not have the luxury of time to trudge through life with the rhythm of one-step at a time.

Do you think it is the essence of New York that makes people contend? Maybe it is the cornucopia of opportunities or is it a personality type? I, for one am certainly not Type A, but I luxuriate in precarious living via juggling a multitude of tasks.

Any thoughts?

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"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde


Anonymous said...

I love New York but it does tire me out with everything it has to offer.

Rishi said...

I totally agree with you...live life to the fullest..stretch to the maximum and once in a while take a break and go to Florida or down South:) I remember I once slept while driving in Durham downtown, I find NY more lively and one automatically gets enthusiastic in life..it helps to achieve more.

M said...

I agree with you twocents. way too many opportunities in this city.

BC said...

It is a nice effort and good beginning. Only one has to differentiate between "MULTI-FACET ACTIVITIES" and "BURNING THE CANDLE FROM BOTH ENDS".After all,we get only one life as human being and as such a judicious balance ought to be made between two extremes to have best of both worlds.

welsh said...

Wow! You certainly do a lot!!! My typical week would be: Work - Home - TV - Sleep (and repeat).. and that tires me up!!!

I'm glad you manage to live such a 'full' life.. for my life, i focus on ways to keep myself full (god bless food & wine)

But do you seriously believe living such a life is 'better'? Don't you ever feel the burnout? Aren't there days that you want to sit back and relax? Or is it that you just can't do that?

I believe a balance is required....

opinionated said...

Way to go welsh! You get my vote!

Let me know if you are ever running for any political office.. I'll certainly throw my weight (and some people say there is a LOT of it :-) ) behind you!!!