Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jekyll or Hyde?

The last few days have been like a riveting journey. Coincidentally, three friends, in less than a span of four days, told me the exact same thing - my ‘writer personality’ has a caliginous side, which they find mysterious, grave, and unnerving; on the other hand, my ‘social personality’ is frolicsome and affable. They find it hard to believe that the two personalities are just different facets in the same person.

To be honest, I did not cogitate about this aspect of my writing, until they mentioned it. I have always believed that all humans have two strikingly different sides to their personality - an amiable Jekyll and misanthropic Hyde. It ties back to the Freudian theory of ‘super ego’ and ‘id’ - the former a reflection of Jekyll in us, and the latter, an indication of Hyde.

What I am contemplating is the reason that brings out this hedonist or utilitarian in some people; does the pressure of evolution and political correctness compel us to camouflage? Is it true that when we get behind the mask of words, the veracity comes out? Can we give the power of words the entire accolade?

Any thoughts?

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“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” – Oscar Wilde


bijay chandra said...

Good God,or for that matter whatever HE is called,has given two distinctly different parts viz. HEART and MIND.The split persoonalty in each individual,as I see,has a direct bearing on nature of expression depending upon which part is predomiently applied during the process.The BRAIN compells you to believe that what you think is right.But HEART takes the liberty to analyse what impact the expression shall make on the receiver and hence works as a NATURAL MODERATOR.

Rishi said...

I would agree with your friends...I find your writings totally different from what you appear or have been to us.
I am not sure about others, but when I sit to write--I unconsciously want to be a comic artist --not sure why :) So I believe every writer would have some image in mind he/she works thought

opinionated said...

I don't believe people hide behind words.. I think everyone has multiple personalities (in their own way)..

The 'work-you' is different from the 'social-you', which might be different from the 'parent-you' or the 'sibling-you' as compared to the 'friend-you'.

I think it is only natural that one appears differently - at different times - to different people.. Also, what you appear like is partly governed by the light in which you are being looked at.

So, while I agree that everyone has different facets, I will not go to the extent of giving them the Jekyll/Hyde contrariety. In my opinion, it is just different shades of a single personality.

m said...

what knowledge two cents. wow!