Tuesday, March 13, 2007

White House Black Market

Like most women, I am borderline implacable when it comes to clothes and accessories; after all clothes make a (wo) man. In today’s world, retailers ‘like to’ portray this image of being customer-centric. Well, how many stores have you been to where they do not renege about ‘the customer is right’? It is all about the moolah and the customer is just a number.

A friend of mine introduced me to this store called ‘White House Black Market’. I have to admit, I found the name rather alluring and that was one of the reasons (the other was recommendation coming from a friend who’s taste I appreciate) I decided to check it out.

White House Black Market, true to its name, carries only clothes and accessories in black and white color. My first trip to the store, I felt like a child cavorting in the woods. The store is drop-dead gorgeous; the fitting room area is prodigious. It is reminiscent of the Victorian era, adorned with just the right blend of contemporary and traditional style.

I laude them for one major reason - their customer service, which is impeccable. I have never met such cordial and non-pushy sales people; they make you feel special. It is the only store, I know of, where everything is about ‘you’. For people residing in urban areas, this might sound like a non-existent concept.

The store organizes a soiree, which they call the ‘girls’ night out’ – a not to be missed event, a special discount for the ladies and free-flowing wine. Now, that is what I call splendid. Ladies, next time when you want to indulge in self-pampering, check out this store.

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