Saturday, March 17, 2007


I believe, all of us humans have had this thought at some point of time or the other – ‘I wouldn’t see it in my lifetime’. You know, I have to admit; there are two things, which I NEVER thought of seeing in my life span – global warming and the moral corruption of the Indian society.

Well, it is mid-March and up until two days ago, I was basking in the glorious spring sun; today, I am snowed in. If this isn’t the effect of global warming, what is?

Now on to the ‘main topic’ for this blog. The other day, I called up a friend of mine, who is visiting family & friends in India. My world came crashing down after listening to what she had to say.

According to her, the morals and culture of the Indian society are atrophying. The bourgeois is striving to lead a bohemian life. That is not it! Our own classmate turned out to be perfidious. Someone I have known for a decade committed the heinous act of infidelity.

If you speak with people from my parent’s generation, they blame it all on the western world. Is that the gospel truth? I highly doubt it!

Any thoughts?

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"Discomfort guides my tongue and bids me speak of nothing but despair." - The Tragedy of King Richard the Second


j said...

I enjoyed reading your blog: you have captured some very nteresting thoughts. I must say it is extremely profound!

ma said...

you are doing wonderful job its always a pleasure to read ur blog.

looking fwd to have more n more.

mv said...

Nice read.Keep up the good work

m said...

You are very cool!

opinionated said...

I hear what you are saying; while I'll admit that there is enough talk to give some credence to your opinions, I am not certain I completely agree with them.

Global warming: There are two camps of belief there - while one toes the same line that you bring forward, there is another which insists that there is not enough scientific evidence to lend credebility to that claim. They say that data shows the average temperature across the globe is not that much higher now than what it was in the pre-industrial revolution days. Isn't it possible that the earth goes through these periodic cycles of warming and cooling? (My argument is that if the temperature now is not much higher than the pre industrial revolution days, but is higher than what it was in the last decade, it can logically be deduced that the temperature in the last few decades was LOWER than that in the pre industrial revolution times. Did anybody try to find out why the temperature dipped???)

Atrophying cultures and morals: I haven't seen this first-hand in India so I cannot really comment there, but I have seen similar instances in other societies are getting more exposure to a 'different' world. The question I ask is, is it really all bad? You are an Indian (that's what it appears from your post), and I assume you have lived in India and then moved. Have you imbibed parts of the culture of the place you are in? Has it all been good (or bad for that matter)? I'm sure every culture and society has it's goods and bads, so if you want to take in the good, you have to be prepared that some bad will come through too.. And then again - good or bad - it is all a matter of perspective. One thing I know, most change is difficult, some change is even disruptive, but change is essential.. and if India is changing, kudos to India.. it'll wobble a bit and then find it's effective balance.. and that is when the change will attain a sort of permanence.. and India will then change again... That - in my opinion - is the cyclic naturality which is inevitable.. that change is the only constant in an intelligent and growing society.

Pradeep.S said...

Regarding moral decline in India or anywhere, there are several factors, however, the root cause seems to be that people don't have enough courage, guts, patience, forbearance, and self-discipline to do the right things in life. The problem is not that they don't know what's the right thing to do in any given situation; they are just ashamed to look like an oddball and it's much easier to just follow the crowd. But, my favorite axiom is, "Any dead, old fish can swim with the current; it takes a live, bold fish to swim against the current". The moral weekness is what causes all the psychological problems, such as blindly following the crowd, succumbing to peer pressures, and keeping up with the Joneses, just to name a few. These psychological problems at individual levels morph into social problems at the collective levels, such as binge drinking, doing drugs, accepting and offering bribes, demanding dowry, cheating in exams, cheating on taxes, cheating on spouses, abusing spouses and kids, gambling addiction, profligate spending, and the rest. My question is, as Jesus Christ said, "What good is it if you gain the world, if you lose yourself?"

NC said...

the situation is depressing!