Friday, April 25, 2008

When yellow begins to hurt…

Muchos gracias to my friends in the fashion world, my coterie’s devotion to haute couture, fierce episodes of “Project Runway”, and of course, my own interest in “what’s the latest”, I am aware that “yellow” is the color of this season. I am ecstatic about yellow being dernier cri (in vogue) as it happens to be my favorite color. I mean, what’s not to like. It’s a color that exudes the warmth of age and exuberance of youth. Sure enough, I have indulged in “yellowing” my wardrobe this spring and am cognizant of my new found love, “Michael Kors.” I don’t intend to take this blog to another level with my adulations for Michael Kors’s work, but I have to confess—I can’t get over how “yellow” has taken over the world. 70 percent of mannequins these days are adorned in yellow garb. My husband and I were in the Theater District the other day watching “Curtains”, and I can’t even begin to tell you the number of women in the audience who had yellowed themselves—yellow jacket or a yellow clutch or yellow footwear or yellow T-shirt or just a hint of yellow. I saw this man the other day, picking up after his dog, in a neon yellow bag—seriously, what happened to traditional white plastic bags?

The ultimate contribution to the world of yellowization: For those of you who live in and around NYC and partake in morning walks/runs, you’ll understand how heartfelt and “shoe felt” the next few lines are. Come spring, people finally start becoming cognizant of the “holiday weight gain” (read as “they become aware of the effect of those extra doughnuts or delectable slice of cake on their rear end”). The guilt combined with the aspiration to fit into a bathing suit by summer (oh please, we have all fantasized about getting those “Heidi Klum” legs), gets a substantial number of people motivated. Sure enough, my friend and I have been going regularly for our morning walks—talking about food but walking away those pounds, or so we think.

Anyhow, I have realized that at dawn the city streets are embellished with sheer yellowness—not with flowers or the sun’s radiance but with the contribution made by man’s best friend. Who knew the spring trend would permeate into the canine world as well? That was sarcasm directed towards all of those dog owners who think their canines’ excreta titivates the city. It never has; it never will. Most of us love dogs or the idea of them, but do not for even a moment think that your pet’s poop is accentuates the city streets. Watching potholes and crevices on the road is enervating enough; now you are leaving behind physical evidence of your phlegmaticness. I hope you read this blog and mutter to yourself, touché. So, next time when you are out soaking in the morning sun with your pet, consider the nuisance you cause. Yellow is a welcoming color, but it becomes an eyesore when it’s presented in the form of your apathetic behavior.

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“I think that God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability” — Oscar Wilde

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Spontaneity and Afterthought said...

Yellow is my fav too... but some of the shades do hurt!!