Sunday, May 4, 2008

What do shoes and gossip have in common?

That's one loaded opening question, but it is something worth pondering over. The common factor: they both are the lifeline of women.

Scene 1: Up until a couple of evenings ago, I couldn't quite point out why I enjoyed watching "Gossip Girls"-- a saucy, tawdry drama on television. The drama has a certain je ne sais quoi that I find very intriguing. I am not the target audience as the show is about mollycoddled, insolent, affluent, Upper East Side teenagers – I officially don’t qualify for either of those categories. I have always wondered, “what, what, what is it about “Gossip Girls” that makes me diligently, every other week, take a sneak peak at episodes of this degenerate, amusing yet eccentric drama. I can’t relate to the lifestyle of these teenagers on the show or their god forbidden, vicious attitudes.” To be candid, I am so full of myself that I have never felt the need to vicariously live through anyone:-) So, what is that element of intoxication that has me spellbound to Gossip Girl? The answer always eluded me.

Scene 2: Sex & The City starring four desis

A few evenings ago, I had a fun and scintillating time confabulating with three of my vivacious friends. It was like the sets of “Sex & the City”—with four Indians as opposed to Sarah Jessica Parker and her coterie. It was one of those impromptu "let's grab a cup of coffee" things and before I realized, by the time we went our ways, it was close to 9p.m. We indulged in some light bantering and spicy chitchat. It’s about sisterhood of the babble club, so I won’t break the honor code and share what we chirped about. I have to say, even in the cacophony of the subway, all I thought was “wish we could have talked more.”

On the subway ride home, I had an epiphany. I finally realized why I enjoy watching “Gossip Girl” and what was in common between the drama on TV and the tête-à-tête with my friends. Well, its gossip--that common, enticing element. By gossip, I am not referring to malicious, impertinent, idle prattle; I am talking about utterly harmless conversations with an intense flavor of humor. Gossip can fulfill a woman’s innate desire to banter without causing any harm. After all, isn’t every action about the intent? Every woman thrives on gossip and the ones who sanctimoniously chastise it---well here is my suggestion: come out of the closet. The way men are genetically wired to revere cars; women are manufactured to venerate banter.

More until next time.

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"My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people's." - Oscar Wilde


Anonymous said...

You are mistaken, Lady!.This rait is by far more prominent amongst men as far as HARMLESS, SELF PROJECTING and,OFTEN CLUMSY gossips are concerned. On the other hand the gossipps amongst women could, more often than not, turn out to be BITCHING TYPE.

Spontaneity and Afterthought said...

I feel women gossip sooner or later turns bitchy kinds. If this gossip session of yours is a "not too often habit" I hope it remains "harmless" but as soon as you make it a regular gossip session, claws will sharpened.
And insecurities will suffice.

Sahar said...

Sure, a nice harmless gossip is healthy with a few-select-like-minded-people but there is a fine line when it turns into a bitching "High School"!