Friday, April 18, 2008

Mom and dad, I want to be an “item girl”

Before you ingenious souls start speculating if this blog is about my dark, abominable, secret ambition, shun out the amazing thought. The following lines aren’t about me, but about Bollywood’s newest tawdry “item girl,”—Rakhi Saawant, who has become a sensation in our nation. I know; you are seeking answers to her inexplicable success as well. If the words “how” and “why” accompany the words Rakhi Saawant and success in the same breath, then read on.

Not to stereotype, but Asian Indian parents are very focused on getting their children educated; choosing the right career for them (read as law, medicine, engineering, or at least an MBA etc.). So, how do people like Rakhi Saawant happen? Did she just wake up one morning and decide she was going to align herself with Kangana Renaut and pretend that the brain was a vestigial organ? Was she actually a man and the sex change operation yielded a below average unisex face, so she turned to Bollywood? Is she even human or a hybrid of various sorts? I wonder if she is a part of an esoteric cult that believes in “trashy is hip” or if she went to a school whose motto is “we help you attain your dreams of being sleazy.”

Whatever be the case, this ignoramus has managed to defy all logic and is quite a sought after item girl in Bollywood. I can’t believe I actually blogged about a celebrity I am not sure is for real. The one question that goes unanswered is: How did Rakhi Saawant tell her parents about her ambitions? “Mom/dad, I am an altruistic person; I want to save you money. I have decided to never outgrow my wardrobe. I will continue to wear the clothes you bought me when I was a baby, even as an adult. Not just that but also I’ll save you all the money you had put away for my education. I’ll look hideous and sound asinine and get paid to be that way.”

Check out this link that helps me reiterate my postulations.

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“Woman are meant to be loved, not to be understood”— Oscar Wilde


Rishi said...

Over these years, I have realized that you have a major grudge against few so called "celebrities"- Rakhi Sawant, Jaya Bacchhan and few more. This is a hillarious piece you have put together as an Ode to Rakesh..ooops Rakhi Sawant !

Anonymous said...

Heehheeee. Very funny!

Anonymous said...

whatever said and done, the girl is sincere about her job and towards the purpose of her life.i like the proffessionalism in the girl.

Sandhya Sinha

BCS said...

It is not a call from a prutonist.Some times perversions become compulsions. If you recall Indian history,"Vaishali ki Nagar Vadhu" became more famous than what your Raakhi is today.But who knows whether she really enjoyed it within her heart?

Spontaneity and Afterthought said...

Hi Sweta,

This visit of mine was long due and boy! am I glad. Had a fun beginning to my day today. And I will absolutely be back more often.
I love the Quotations at the end of each post. It explains and enhances each post.