Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Announcing the reincarnation of Pandora’s two cents!

Thanks to those of you who fervently called or sent me emails about how you missed reading my word dabble. Well, I am back to share my endless stream of opinions. You know, what finally snapped me out of my torpor (read as “get off my lazy butt”) was a phone call from a crony this past weekend. She said, “The only thing I look forward to when I get to work is to read your blog. How can you not write them?”

So, I decided to bid adieu to my languor and here I am, at the behest of my friends and family, presenting you Pandora’s two cents. So, gear up for the ride—even those, who in the past, have chosen my blog space to start a mutiny with their sincere viciousness. Je dois dire que (I must say), I am flattered you think of my blog as the “shrink space,” where you can sedulously vent your personal frustrations and petulance, but sorry, I can’t help you; you need to see an “agony aunt” instead.

A snapshot of where I have been all these months: Well, I graduated from Columbia University in December 2007. I need a standing ovation for the aforementioned sentence -- I survived the fourth quarter of 2007 (the time while I was working on my thesis). Oh, those grueling days! I shudder as I reminisce and indite. You can call me a born-again Indian!

Come to think of it, 2007 wasn’t all dreadful. It was a fun year in the company of alphabet “F”—family, friends, and food. Not to forget, I had the opportunity to travel to some exhilarating places—India, Dubai, England, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand.

You know, even after the year is over and 2007 is a closed chapter, I am still left with these unanswered questions:

  • Why does it cost 20p to pee in London’s public restrooms? Was it a marketer’s idea to come up with this glitzy concept? “20p to pee!”
  • If the boat carrying Rakhi Sawant was to capsize, would she drown or would buoyancy keep her afloat?
  • Why cops are called "bobbies" in Queen Elizabeth’s land? C'mon, how can you take them seriously after that bloody nickname?
  • Why Kangana Renaut won’t see a speech therapist? She won another award for her so called “acting skills” in 2007. Were the cows and goats of Himachal allowed to vote?
  • Why media channels feel the need to broadcast the perils of wearing stilettos when a snowstorm is a-comin’? I believe, women who need to be reminded about wearing utilitarian footwear, deserve to fall every now and then.
  • Why 150 baht (Thai currency) is the magic "bargain number" in Bangkok? It can get you a cab ride, a delectable meal, or a souvenir?
  • How come both Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor look “sizzling hot” post their breakup? Not sending a good message there, folks.
  • How do Demi Moore and Madonna look so pulchritudinous even at their age?
  • Why the fine dining Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong don’t serve dumplings after 5:30p.m.? Seriously? I know New Yorkers plan evenings around dumpling gormandizing.
  • How come most people with average salaries in Hong Kong indulge in luxury brands while the majority of Americans swear by Wal-Mart?
  • Why some people don't get it that it' not okay to address "acquaintances" or “coworkers” as babe. Never was; never will be.
  • Why maids in Hong Kong get a lavish Sunday off -- the government closes certain bridges and roadways so that the hard working women can throw a picnic anywhere while New Yorkers bring salad to their desk on a work day?
  • Why even few astute women are threatened by a female coworker or subordinate?
  • How Candace Bushnell could write an intriguing book like “Sex and the City” and follow it up with insipid work--“Lipstick Jungle?”
  • Does the word “karma” truly hold a meaning or is it one of those make-believe concepts we allude to for getting through life?

Well, something to ponder about until next time.

“I am not young enough to know everything”- Oscar Wilde