Sunday, May 20, 2007

Quest for words – courtesy of house guests

The past few days, I have been struggling to come up with a topic for my next post, but in vain. I know my creative juices flow the most when I have had an onerous week and I am effete. So why is that even with aching bones, I have been unable to think of what I should write about - a writer's block when I have been bestowed upon with insurmountable stress? That's when I had an epiphany - I might be physically enervated, but I am mentally relaxed, and that’s why words have ceased to pour onto a paper. So, I am sure you are wondering who is receiving the accolades for my ‘temporary nirvana’. Well, it's my house guests, my aunt and uncle, who are the reason for my ephemeral writing inability. Before you declare that my cynic side is working up another barmy or pessimistic piece, I'd like to declare otherwise.

Let me walk you through the background of my thoughts. You know, the mere mention of a 'house guest' brings out skeptical feelings in all of us. I am not saying people loathe them. In fact, I for one cherish company BUT what I am trying to arrive is at haven't we have all had those discourteous, abominable, patronizing, over-demanding, and fastidious humans, who aren't a pleasure but more like a liability - the kind who believe they should be treated like royalty? I have had a few of those, who given the opportunity, would like for you to shower them with rose petals - well, maybe I exaggerate but you get the essence. Ironically, these are the people who bring out the flavor of literati in me - free-flowing words. A few tumultuous days with them and I can literally type up a book.

Historically speaking, all the great writers/artists have had a tragic life – one deprived of friends and family. It is heartbreaking that great company does not yield results for a writer while bad company leads to profuse flow of words. You want to give a standing ovation to the former and biffs to the latter or as Benjamin Franklin would say, “Fish and visitors smell in three days.” I wonder if inspiration comes clad in anger and frustration.

Here is what I propose: some discerning individual should conduct research to expound the impact house guests have on a writer's writing abilities.

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“If it were not for guests all houses would be graves” ~Kahlil Gibran


welsh said...

I'm not one to write at will, but I'll say this.. I totally agree with you about the crazy house-guests that one sometimes has.. You seem to have had the exact opposite kind.. the one that you wish would never go away! (Are there really such people around?!?!.. If there are, looks like you found them.. Good for you!!) Please pray that my next set of guests I have visiting turn out to be like the ones you had!

Anonymous said...

I second that Welsh. What awesome house guests pandora.

e said...

I am a communication specialist and OMG, I totally get what you are saying. If I am mentally relaxed, I can't write. I need stress to work up any piece. you are lucky to have such good house guests.

m said...

my dear, i couldn't agree with you more. such no-fuss house guests are always welcomed in my house. but i have to say, i did miss reading your blog.

pradeep said...

"The job of the host is to make the guest feel at home and the job of the guest is to constantly remind himself that he isn't!"