Friday, May 4, 2007

Chemise – Haute couture or mucho macho?

This post was beseeched by a friend, who has single-handedly come up with an alluring hypothesis; 'shirt-wearing-women' coerce their spouses to wander down the abhorrent path of infidelity. In case you are wondering, neither have I misrepresented any of her convictions nor does the word 'shirt' have an underlying enigmatic meaning.

The muse for this post, who is neither cagey nor expedient, strongly believes that men find it incumbent upon themselves to indulge in the game of 'hide & seek', if their spouses wear 'shirts'. Before you denounce this as crazy, let me elaborate on this proposed research topic. She thinks that shirts make women look rather unsightly, manly, and not chic; shirts don’t quite resonate with muliebrity.

Do shirt-wearing women breed perfidious spouses? Is ‘shirt’ a manly garb in a man’s world? I’d be curious to find out what others think. Which of the three quotes can you relate to?

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile. ~Lee Mildon
A dress that zips up the back will bring a husband and wife together. ~James H. Boren
I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn't itch. ~Gilda Radner

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Anonymous said...

I think your friend does not know what she is talking about (or has an over-inflated impression of her own convictions). It is not the shirt, or lack thereof, that makes the woman sexy. Being sexy comes from within. It is an attitude. It is the way she carries herself. It is what she exudes to the world. A sexy woman will be sexy in anything you clothe her. It is the wannabes that need the fancy clothes to 'look' sexy. I admit clothes help. But they can only carry you so far. After that, it is what you are that makes you who you are. A truly sexy woman will look so even if she is dressed in a sack.

As far as the quotes you quote: I totally agree with No.1, I have NO IDEA what No.2 means, and I personally practice No.3.

And just so you know, I am definitely NOT sexy!

welsh said...

Anonymous - you are my new idol! You said it perfectly!! While I have to admit I LOVE women in sexy clothes, I too believe it is not the clothes that makes the woman sexy.

I feel the better compliment is: "You make this dress look so good!" (rather than the oft repeated, grossly misused - "You look so good in this!")

Women in shirts... well.. I don't know.. A sexy woman is a sexy woman.. shirt or a slinky top... Though I must say, a slinky top will make one look slutty.. sexy is a far cry!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting ..............And I found this in 3 women, married to hot guys,
whose marriages have collapsed ........The common factor , these women were wearing shirts even when they
were not at work. I know this sounds preposterous , but ladies, our strength lies in our feminity. And shirts, have no place other elsewhere than at work.
It reduces us, women, the invincible , alluring , divine creatures to almost manly creatures and , lord, why would
you allow that to happen.........Shirts...........the single most destructive feature in a woman's wardrobe . women,
give your husbands a break, get womanly and everything that our gender symbolises, being gentle yet firm, tender, loving, understanding,
reassuring and above all, look doable so that your husband feels like a man. Its a part of being a woman. The biggest part in having a great
relationship is to be a woman above all. So start now , all you shirt wearing women, please switch over to more alluring clothing and see the
difference for yourselves.

And regarding the quotes, people still notice your old clothes despite your big smile,they would be like, the woman with the old clothes had a great smile.....
the second quote is a maybe, the third , basing fashion sense on what does not itch is a default factor and we should not be working with defaults,
we should be working on ugrades.

I had a friend who had come down for a new years' party wearing a checked shirt and last heard was that she has been facing problems in her marraige.
Nothing new,she had it coming.........She was after all, wearing a shirt and not just at work.

opinionated said...

Hey Anonymous.. I think you have just given a free pass to all the men who are desperately fighting this whole 'feminist' movement that women seem to be harping about.. Since you so blatantly say that women should use their sexuality to get ahead, I suggest you start a 'flaunt the bra' movement! 'Ban the bra' certainly is not what you seem to believe in. To all the men reading this post - I guess it is now OK to think of women as sexual objects. They seem to want it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Opinionated,

Whether to flaunt or not to flaunt the bra, but we definitely cannot ban the bra, we do need bras, that's our support system!