Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is contestant #6 on American idol worthy of page #3?

The muse for this post is a very dear friend of mine. Neither she nor I are American Idol fans, but the publicity that Sanjaya Malarkar, the American idol contestant has generated, has astounded both of us. There is dissidence between the audiences: there are Sanjaya-lovers and Sanjaya-haters. Depending on the side you are on, he comes across either resplendent or appalling. Moreover, American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe has turned the name of the singer into an aberrant verb – “Sanjayaed”. What does this abysmal addition to the English language mean?

Well, gramercy to my compeer and the mammoth of brouhaha generated by the media, I decided to check out this polemical artist’s performance. I was not audacious enough to watch the show, but I did take a sneak peak at few of his YouTube clips. Hmmmm. What can I say? The one thing Sanjaya is good at, is taking all the insults like a brave heart. He definitely has a sweet smile and congenial personality but when it comes to singing, he is inept - as if the doors of hell unleashed their fury. I heard him sing one of my favorite songs – ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ and boy, did he ruin it! I am unsure what he is still doing on the show. Another thing, someone needs to tell him that the 80’s are gone – hair morphing is outdated and will not take-away the attention from his odious performance.

Okay, on the serious side, here is what is happening: American Idol contestants are on the verge of a revolt, American Idol judge Simon Cowell has threatened to quit the Idol should Sanjaya win, and Sirius satellite radio jock Howard Stern said he hopes to turn American Idol into a farce and eventually destroy its popularity by supporting Sanjaya Malakar.

Is Sanjaya a mere pawn in the hands of Howard Stern and Simon Cowell? Is it a power struggle between the two men? Do people, who want to vote him off, make the invidious remarks as a sign of racism? Has Sanjaya won not only teenage votes but also mommy-votes?

I am perplexed! Any thoughts? Check out these YouTube clips to help you make your decision…

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Vizzy said...

Interesting write up. Actually I am watching the show just because of him. He definitely has made a name for or loose he is a 17he is brave, smart, knows how to play crowd & he will go places.

e said...

I think he's cute but he sings awfully!

Anonymous said...

after watching these YouTube clips, I know why you dislike him. he is painful!

g said...

i think it's about power struggle between the two men. sanjaya is sadly caught in between