Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cul-de-sac - homemakers vs. working women

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember sensing this 'hiss-line' between the following two groups: homemakers and working class women. The former flaunting their fake, blithesome, and sanctimonious attitude - for nourishing the family with their presence, while the latter, seeking global blarney for juggling a tumultuous life. Both homemakers and women with jobs or careers find their adversaries (in this case, women who do not belong to their belief system) blasphemous and feel impelled to blacklist them. Given the apposite opportunity, I can visualize them bivouacking outside their antagonist and denouncing them until they convert. Okay, maybe that was pure exaggeration, but you get the essence.

My friend's sister, who is a doctor by profession, decided to get back to work even before her three-month maternity leave got over. Oh boy, the 'public anguish' she faced was loathsome – like she was a boorish mother with no care for her children. Pfft! At the same time, I know a few stay-at-home moms whose kids are like couch potatoes on a baneful diet.

Few of my cliques are stay-at- home moms BUT their brains are lot more agile than few dim-witted, strident working- women I know. Despite having successful careers, the minute these ludicrous women open their mouth, you wish tsetse flies would bite them so that they would halt choking on their own achievements. The homemakers I am referring to are avant - garde, avid readers, and more adept than most working- women are. You can engage in an intellectual conversation with them without either parties feeling threatened about their choice of lifestyle – like an ethereal world.

What I am trying to sum up is, to each is his own. Having a job or career does not make anyone ingenious; neither does baking chocolate chip cookies and Lysol -scrubbing make you a more devout wife or mom. These self-indulgent, territorial women do not see that no one benefits from their squabble; with their imbecilic attitude, they make mockery of themselves. I say, make a choice, adhere to it, and let it be or as the French say - laissez-faire.

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"In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane." – Oscar Wilde


Vizzy said...

I really enjoyed it. I agree..

m said...

I agree my dear.

ma said...

very well written ,enjoyed it completely .Tres tres bien two cents.

Anonymous said...

well said my friend.

GB said...

Good topic. Having been on both sides of the fence, it is a more a perception of others than the homemakers or working mothers own attitude that is the problem

Rishi said...

I would certainly agree. It is more to do with the person than the role that person is playing.Very well written