Thursday, March 10, 2011

It’s okay to shut up

At the beginning of this week, I received a few emails from some wonderful readers. They wanted to know about my “missing” blog. Since I didn’t post anything last week, folks asked if all was well.

I know, it’s hard to believe that someone as opinionated as me had nothing to say for an entire week. :-) Hardly the case, I promise. :-)

I had plenty of thoughts racing through my mind. Some simmering, eagerly waiting to pour over the page. Turn into words. Poetry. Prose. Blog posts. Hit the heart. Piss off the mind. Condemn hypocrisy. Applaud democracy. Expose the sham.

A few others hoped to never see the light of life. Their birth would mean the end of some beginnings.

I wondered if the contemplation was worth my time. If the care was worth the seconds, minutes, or hours wasted. Does recognition of the problem lead to acknowledgement? Is denial the path to choose to traverse through the travesty of modern civilization?

Who knows? Some questions have no answers. Some questions lead to complicated questions.

I could share every passing thought. But I don’t think the world is ready. I concede it isn’t a haven for idealists. I am learning each day. And I am able to learn because I take time from my life to shun voices. I make an attempt to find my bearings. Recharge.

Writers and artists are often stereotyped as the group who need silence and seclusion to connect with their inner selves.

I am not refuting the postulation. If anything, I personally believe it should be incumbent upon all of mankind to temporarily detach themselves.

Detachment is a loaded word. I am not saying give up on your family and friends and meditate on Mt. Everest. What I mean is that all of us should take some time out to become more human. Grow as an individual. Learn to be nice. That can successfully happen only if we shut up, literally. Ponder. Rejuvenate. Cleanse. And then strike back.

Remember, just because you have a mouth, you don’t have to speak. Just because you are in a position to intimidate others, you don’t have to use threats. Just because you don’t have a life, you don’t have to feel entitled to mess around with someone else’s. Just because someone is nice, don’t take it as their weakness and abuse it.

Many people don’t even give enough thought to their actions. Often the unwanted chaos is because of the silence we try to fill with words. You don’t have to own the last word. Sometimes you will break hearts; other times, make a fool of yourself.

Leave words alone. Let them be. When the time is right, the shell will break. The larva will wriggle. Fly into the world like a beautiful butterfly. And bring happiness.

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Copyright © 03.10.2011

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Mark Twain


VS said...

Nice one.

rajivx said...

ya gud !
but, most of us talk - we rarely speak ; everyone hears , they rarely listen - which sends me to 1976 wen my boss got the first book for our office library - "Listening - for managers".
Just like the saying - everyone talks - nobody listens ........
but then, each one of us has so MUCH to say - we hv no one to hear us out. we reach the extent where we become repetitive in the endeavour to make people listen to us.
Then , we give up. we withdraw into own silly shells hoping that people will UNDERSTAND !
how CAN they ??
thats a catch-22 situation in real life.
we all have SO much to say and we will go "unsung". that's fate for you - that is, if u're a fatalist. otherwise u can always say "Why did'nt u shout loud enuff?"
as always - each to his/her own - my one cent worth !!

N said...

Really enjoyed reading this. I myself have realized the benefits of keeping my mouth shut in so many situations. Once out, it is not possible to take words back and one could spend even an entire lifetime undoing the damage caused.

jayashree said...

Most times silence is golden. Many people mistakenly believe that unless one is articulate no one will listen. But like Rajiv said.... most of us are not listening anyway. And yes..... if you listen to the silence of your compatriots, friends, family you will hear much more than the words they speak..... the pain, the love ,the churnings of the heart are always expressed in silence. If you can share your silence with someone and feel satisfied ..... be sure that one is your soulmate!