Thursday, April 2, 2009

The unexplored possibilities

Over the past few days, I have either watched esoteric movies or had conversations with friends about the most occult topics. Replaying those dialogues, themes, and conversations in my mind has led me to think that we, as humans, choose to see only what our mind allows us to. We take the obvious for granted. Denial is the mantra. What we don’t know can’t hurt. But what if our philosophy is wrong? Who really decides what is the obvious? Why do we not question it?

I have created a short questionnaire and pasted it below—of course, with my answers along with them. Look deep inside your soul. Then, try answering these questions honestly and see if you don’t find out more about yourself. The untainted, true you.

Can you really plan destiny? I wish I could, but I don’t think you can. No wonder the five-year plan is ever a success.

Do certain relationships happen for a reason bigger than what our human mind can comprehend? Do these relationships serve a purpose? Sure. I have met certain people in my life, who came out of nowhere for a defined period, but left at a point. Without any argument or animosity, a distance got created, and the parties moved on. I truly believe they were a part of my life for a reason and vice-versa.

Is America moving from capitalism to socialism and eventually communism? If that’s the case, will the US still hold the same charm for people with big ideas and dreams? If it doesn’t, will innovation come to an end? Yes, I believe the US is moving towards socialism. Socialism won’t attract immigrants with brains and no money. If that’s the case, innovation goes kaput.

Does Obama’s triumph in the elections indicate America is over the “color-issue?” Obama’s victory indicates that people wanted a change. The change came in a different shade and that was a lucky coincidence. The sinking economy worked against the Republicans. Frankly, in my generation, it was unhip if you didn’t vote for Obama; Sarah Palin was the reason why McCain lost with the educated, white, older generation.

Come to think of it, are there any non-racists on this planet? There is a bigot inside all of us. Education and political suaveness has taught us how to mask it. In dire straits, the animal is unleashed.

In the same breadth, is reverse stereotype acceptable? No, it’s not. You represent the tone or a message without the consent of the community. Self-deprecatory humor is smart only if you limit it to your own self.

Is there a selfless deed? I personally don’t think so. Giving to charity makes us feel good. Lot of people like to think that doing stuff for their kids is the most selfless deed. Think again. The child didn’t ask to be born in a particular household. You do things for your children to prove your social status/economic abilities and also to sound prodigious in your “parent-circle.” It might be a subconscious effort, but think it through. A toddler doesn’t know Kmart from FAO Schwartz.

Do we really not judge people who fall outside the realm of our belief system? Of course, we all judge people who fall outside the realm of our belief system. It’s not necessarily out of malice, but “I wonder” + “I am amazed at” = judging. The ensuing battle between “working” and “non-working” women is a classic example. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t wonder about people, who are content with JUST relationships define their existence.

Is it possible to live a life with zero expectations? I am no saint, so of course I don’t think one could live a life that had no expectations. How morose and cold would that be? See, unintentionally, I judged.

How fine is the line between caring and interfering? You can’t care and not interfere, but you can interfere without any care.

Do dreams mean anything? I certainly hope so. The past three nights, I have had a recurring dream. Only with different characters. It’s a message I need to decipher.

Are the people in our dreams a mere personification of our thoughts? I am still figuring this one out. At one of the workshops, a few weeks ago, the professor shared that he believed in this theory.

What’s the mystique of the paranormal? Is there life beyond? I believe so. What happens when we die, especially untimely? Would you not swarm around people and things that meant to you in your human life? My spirit would never leave certain wine bars, coffee shops, Burberry stores, and Tangra Masala.

Does the weather determine our mood? In my case, yes, sometimes. It changes my perspective of how I view the obvious.

More until next time.


Copyright © 04.02.2009

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” Oscar Wilde


S said...

"Is America moving from capitalism to socialism and eventually communism? If that’s the case, will the US still hold the same charm for people with big ideas and dreams? If it doesn’t, will innovation come to an end? "

you got me worried

Anonymous said...

how do you think of such questions? amazing ya.

From Venus said...

Great questions!

You're right... we see what our mind wants us to. But I don't think that's denial, that creating a sense of comfort around ourselves. But to grow as a person, one has to go beyond this comfort zone, so I say, bring on the 'uncomfortable questions' that I bet you're longing to ask!

Hena said...

Your answer to "Is there a selfless deed? " perturbed me quite a lot.

The reason:
I have never seen a more selfless sight than a mother breast feeding her child...... all mothers have option but some still chose otherwise and think deeper..... its beyond comprehension ..... I think this act is selfless....may bee not the entire parent child relationship..... but some bit definitely.

My two cents said...

Hena: I understand your emotion. For the longest time that's what I thought about breastfeeding --until I heard, someone I know very well, confess that she was doing it to lose weight and not so much for the bond. Go figure! Tainted the one deed I thought was selfless!

Anonymous said...

It is simply wonderful but I dare not try on myself fopr obvious reasoins.I can not bluff myself within.