Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dispelling the myth of modernism….

Growing up, when this surge of modernism started engulfing India, I remember one thing distinctly--women rushing to salons (the infamous beauty parlors that lurked around every “paan shop”) and morphing into plucked chicken. “Bob cut” and “modern” were the buzz words and considered synonymous with being au fait with the latest. Tragically, few could carry the coy yet boyish looks. The majority created an insurgency wanting you to gouge your eyes out.

Just because something is in vogue, it doesn't mean you got to embrace it--esp. not as an adult. That's what teenage is for – a time period when it’s chic to experiment with the most awkward of looks. It's like me in “skinny jeans”. Seriously, for this fashion faux pas, I will have to pay people--for the pain I would inflict on their eyes:-)

Where was I going with this rattle about modernism? Oh yeah, Vidya Balan, the upcoming (down going would be her own doing) Bollywood actress. This talented, traditional Indian beauty, who looked pulchritudinous in “Parineeta,” looks ghastly with the modern look of short hair and archaic western garb. If you ask me, she has made a complete fool of herself by being a part of the herd.

I was watching “Kismat Konnection” the other day and couldn't believe her gauche looks in the movie. It was like déjà vu. Didn’t she look abominable in the other movie, “Hey Baby”? Someone needs to tell her that the sixties called and want their hippy hair and démodé clothes back. Unless she aspires to be a “femme fatale” for aliens in Area 51, tone it down.

I am amazed at how irresolute and insecure people are of themselves--eagerly waiting to morph into someone they aren't, even if they come across as an imbecile. Modernism is about keeping in tune with the times--intellectually and philosophically without forgetting your traditions or sense of self; it’s not about throwing on a mini skirt, chopping off your hair, and smoking a cigarette just because the entire world is doing so. Modernism introduces you to your “own calling.”

You’d think age bestows you with confidence and self-pride, but I guess, emulators and self-doubting people aren't cognizant of those emotions. Now, are they?

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“It is only the modern that ever becomes old-fashioned.” - Oscar Wilde


Spontaneous Mini said...

Hav'nt seen the movie but the teasers are enough. Getting old and being mature are not the same.

Sahar said...

So true....couldn't have agreed more on the notion of modernism! Vidya Balan clearly doesn't seem to get it... what comes naturally to the likes of Kareena Kapoor & Preity Zinta...she is struggling with the whole MODERN look! Maybe she is fashion-handicap or just plain "Bhenji turn MOD"!!!

SD said...

Having a crazy day at work and your post made me laugh...
"Someone needs to tell her that the sixties called and want their hippy hair and démodé clothes back" ...made me completely crack up.

Nidhi said...

I know!! I watched the movie and really didn't understand the significance of the mullet she had.