Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh that “sinking” feeling….

The crumbling economy, the projected recession, these turbulent times, the tanking housing market, the woes of the mortgage giants, the frightening job losses etc. etc-- all these are words and phrases that encapsulate the status quo of the US market. These words of disdain hover over the residents of this country like a doomsday cloud--as nebulous as it is definite. You never know which one of these will hit you, and when. I, for one, loathe this constant feeling of cynicism and trepidation.

Informally, I have been talking to friends, across various ethnicities, gauging how each is managing today and preparing for tomorrow. A lot of people I know are handling these tumultuous times very proactively. As in, they are being austere, conscientious and conscious about spending money before the wrath of deprivation capriciously cuddles them with “loss”. It’s only sane to have that extra cushion if any of those forbidden words and phrases touch your lives.

A friend mentioned that she and her husband have reconsidered grocery shopping. Instead of purchasing renowned brands of food, they now buy store brand products. The savings per week run over a hundred dollars. Astonishing, right? I know people who have cancelled vacation plans as they felt reckless indulging in extravaganza and debauchery in these uncertain times. A colleague of mine said that she and her husband spend only in cash. This discipline has alleviated their nightmares and enhanced their savings. Once they run out of the budgeted cash for the week, no more spending. Plastic (better known as “credit card”) can be like a tempestuous devil. It easily creates the illusion of unlimited funds. Another friend suggested, to her coterie, meeting at each other’s homes for meals instead of splurging on luxurious meals at restaurants.

Not having grown up with or in harsh times, today’s market is a rude awakening for my generation—in some ways, a reality check. It’s almost like a slap that echoes “snap out of immoderation.”

Most of us know at least two people who have been adversely affected by today’s scenario. As I saw dear ones inflicted upon by the unpredictable severity, I pledged--to be proactive and responsible. Who knows where and when the next victim might be hunted down?

A candid question: What are you doing to accommodate these volatile times? Be sure to remember that no one is invincible.

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"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." -- Oscar Wilde


Rishi said...

Going back to school and taking up a huge loan :) Doesn't that make you frugal right away..spending the student way ?
I am optimistic that the economy will revive in next two years!

Jaydeep said...

Time to move to Asia

Bijay said...

Take a lesson from a Fisherman during high and low tides.When odds are not in favour,best is to put your head down and maintain your cool till the high tide of miseries are over.

Sonali said...

Enjoyed reading your article, very well and honestly written.

Anonymous said...

Cooking at home instead of eating out! That really builds up over a month. Plus, it's healthier.