Friday, June 13, 2008

Shush it; I don’t want to talk….…..

People who know me well must be wondering, “Sure. Now that is some statement. For a person who can never keep her mouth shut that is quite an announcement.” Well, all you guys second-guessing my proclamation and jumping to conclusion, the title of the post is dedicated to that one aspect of my personality that abhors the sound of words. My close friends call me a social butterfly but there are those rare moments – granted they are far & few in between, when I yearn to be a monk. My heart echoes just one emotion: Silence is bliss.

Those moments when I loathe the homo sapien interaction: The fitness freak element in my personality refuses to be au fait with parleys. I’d like to think that I am reasonably amiable; but, while partaking in my exercise regime, I loathe the cacophony produced by human buzz. I am not emulous but obsessively committed to my workout sessions. It is my time and space, and I do not appreciate anyone encroaching upon it. I can’t help being hoity-toity; unintentionally, I morph into an anti-social element as soon as the adrenaline starts flowing and oxygen starts pumping--just pop in my iPod and get some groovy music going. For those defined moments, I feel like Jane Fonda. Alas, if only it was that simple.

Random people seek out a friend, guide, and philosopher in me: So, every single vacation that we take, I swear, I have an unwarranted episode of “people interaction” that displeases me to no extent—of course, while I am exercising. There could be gazillions of people in the swimming pool or the fitness area or the hiking trails, yet, Homo sapiens find a reason to converse with me WHILE I am in my aerobic mode. To be candid, my “fitness look” is cold and uncongenial. Then, why?

Just my Luck: No, I am not talking about the Lindsay Lohan movie but literally “my luck” or lack of it when it comes to finding harmony while I am exercising. Last year, during one of our vacations, I was in the pool, burning calories and building an appetite for a second round of “clam chowder” and “fried shrimp”. Two kids decided to wade through the water, break my stroke, and ask me an asinine question. They wanted to know if I was a boy—in their defense, I had the head gear on. My inner desire was to smack them (maybe shoo them); not because they thought I was a man but because they broke my swim. Seriously, I was timing the laps.

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, two little boys in the pool of the hotel where we were staying at in Maine decided to befriend me. I tried ignoring their “let’s chat approach,” initially, but it became a tad bit embarrassing when they started throwing a fit; they wanted me to join them for dinner. I was startled, flattered, mortified, and of course, a tiny bit aggravated---by their surprising apparition. All this emotional uproar happened while I was getting my work out for the day.

Why people fancy the “exercise maniac” in me: It’s not that I am approached by outlanders at random everywhere I go. These unpleasant interactions are limited to my “fitness time”. While exercising, do I radiate some incomprehensible weird energy that strangers find alluring? Why do they misconstrue my glacial indifference for a friendly banter? In fact, why do I loathe socializing while exercising and treasure it at other times? Hmmm. I continue my journey to seek answers to my esoteric rants -- as I write….

More until next time.

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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde


a said...

God one... You're too funny!!!

Sahar said...

Sounds like me in my workout zone... I'm not their to mingle but to make most of my time!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome! i do the same.

Anonymous said...

This is funny.

SD said...

this was funny...though cannot imagine you being cold or distant:-)