Thursday, April 29, 2010

An interesting month

So, I am back in the concrete jungle called New York City. After just three weeks of country-living, I can't believe the blaring of horns startled me. On the first day after my return, that is. 

Anyway, I had a fabulous trip. Memorable experiences. Met interesting people. Interacted with generosity. Compared and traced history. Learnt lessons in trust. Indulged in gourmet food. Drank pure wine. And came back with lots of good writing material. More on that as and when the pieces are published.

April is National Poetry month. I feel humbled as four of my poems got published and a few others accepted during this time. Two of these were written in Portugal and Ireland respectively - at my residencies. 

As I embrace the reality of city life,  grab a cup of tea or coffee and delve into the world of words, won't you? And remember, Oscar Wilde said, "All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling."

"Writer in Another Town" -

"A Bittersweet Summer" & "Finding Perspective" -

"Living in Denial" -

More until next time, 



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